Diamond Vacuum Brazed Disc Multi Function (X-LOCK)

Applications: Used for cut through the tough materials, including granite marble, Aluminum, Auto Body Panels, Cast Iron, Copper Pipe,Corrugated Roofing, Drywall, Ductile Iron Pipe, Fire Door,Masonry, Plastic, PVC, Rebar, Reinforced Concrete, Steel Metal,Stucco, etc

X-LOCK Diamond vacuum brazed disc multi function


Utilizing vacuum brazed technology, high
concentration of industrial premium diamond
particles are permanently brazed to the edge
of the steel core creating an extremely heat
resistant segments which can fastcut nearly
all materials without water cooling
Dry cutting
With X-LOCK quick-change system for
comfortable and quick tool changes

Item no.              Size(mm)                       Hole(mm)
27501115X        115 (4-1/2") *1.2/2.2       X-LOCK (22.23)
27501125X        125 (5") *1.2/2.2             X-LOCK (22.23)